An example of the blogging fraternity in action. From 19th March 2007:-



Dear Reader,

Among my CD collection is a compilation, released in 1995, that I picked-up second-hand. It’s called A Flavour of the Label 4, and it seems to be a promo for acts who recorded, at that time, for Capitol Records and EMI Records.

I’ve heard of most of the acts on the CD, which include Supergrass, Foo Fighters, Blur, Radiohead and EMF. However, the 14th and final track is a total mystery:-

mp3 : P – Michael Stipe

Now to make it quite clear, its someone called P singing a song called Michael Stipe. Not the other way around. The scant information for the track says:-

Composer : P
Publisher : Mr Cigar Publishing
Producer : Andrew Weiss

Can anyone supply anything more?

Kind regards

Yours sincerely

aka The Vinyl Villain


The replies were numerous and very prompt.  Within just an hour I had learned that P consisted of:-

Gibby Haynes…Vocals
Bill Carter…Guitar & Bass
Johnny Depp…Guitar & Bass
Sal Jenco…Percussion

Yup…..that Johnny Depp.

I also discovered that an LP had been released on Capitol Records in 1995.  It included this cover version:-

mp3 : P – Dancing Queen

So there you go…..