Today’s lot released just the one 12″ single on the 53rd & 3rd label, founded by none other than Stephen Pastel, back in 1987.  It is a much-sought after piece of plastic fetching in the region of £40-£70 depending on the condition of the vinyl after all these years.

The reason for this is all down to the fact that most of the musicians who formed and comprised The Boy Hairdressers would become Teenage Fanclub with all three of the songs on their sole single being composed by Norman Blake.

Here’s the CD86 track:-

mp3 : The Boy Hairdressers – Golden Shower

Tracking down the other two songs on the 12″ has been a huge challenge and actually proved beyond me. But one out of two in’t bad….

mp3 : The Boy Hairdressers – Tidal Wave

It’s all a tad too 60s for my liking but there will be some of you who love it.