The thing is….I don’t care if anyone wants to come on and offer up their take on a singer or band featured previously in what is proving to be an incredibly popular series.  The e-mails have been coming in thick and fast from all corners of the globe and there is a small backlog of posts building up but as far as I’m concerned that’s perfectly acceptable.

I’ve always said this blog is only as good as the contributions from readers whether that be via comments or guest postings and the quality and depth of stuff in this series really has invigorated the whole process.

Today’s contribution has come in from Sweden courtesy of Martin Elliot….

In a few weeks I’m off to see Peter Hook & The Light playing New Order and Joy Division, and the other week I got my ticket to the New Order show in Stockholm on November 8 – I just had to give this a go. Following JC’s limitations to tracks that I have (or have had) on vinyl limits the album a bit, bit I guess also made it possible as many tracks just didn’t fulfill the criteria. Considering the length of the tracks in reality this would be a 2 LP set, but I made it into a very long LP.

A1. Blue Monday 12″

The track that defined New Order as a band on their own merits, not the continuation of Joy Division. Don’t get me wrong, I love JD – maybe even more today than 1980, but Blue Monday made NO into the fantastic band they still are. There is no way I could start a NO compilation but here, the line that marked the before and after.

A2. 1963 (12″ b-side)

The lyrics always concerns me, what happened that day 1963? Brilliant.

A3. Round & Remix (Kevin Saunderson club mix 12″)

New Order goes to Detroit, the worn down industrial cities works just perfect together. Can’t stop dancing.

A4. Regret (Sabres Slow’n’Low 12″)

As many I regard Technique as the best NO album, but in my book Republic is pretty close as a consistent album. This version of Regret by Sabres is pure beauty.

A5. Age of Consent (LP version)

I think JC said it, it just had to make a fantastic end to the a-side – not start it.

B1. True Dub (12″ b-side of the remix 12″)

Could be my all time favorite NO remix, runs just over 10 minutes and I always wish it would go on. Dance ecstasy.

B2. Someone Like You (Gabriel & Dresden Voco-Tech dub 2×12″ UK promo)

Another 10+ minutes mix, another magic dance track.

B3. World (The Price Of Love) (Brothers In Rhythm 12″)

Could be my all time favorite NO remix, runs just over 8 minutes and I always wish it would go on. Dance ecstasy. Wait, didn’t I just write those words…

B4. The Perfect Kiss (12″)

They did put out a lot of brilliant 12″ singles, didn’t they? Like this.

B5. Ceremony (original 12″)

A beautiful closing track, a beautiful farewell to Ian.

As many of the readers of this blog I remember when the early buyers of an album were treated with a bonus 12″ or EP, so I give you a limited edition bonus record – a single sided 12″ with the full 17 minutes version of Elegia. Because I still love Joy Division.

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mp3 : New Order – Blue Monday
mp3 : New Order – 1963
mp3 : New Order – Round & Round (KS club mix)
mp3 : New Order – Regret (Sabres Slow n Low)
mp3 : New Order – Age Of Consent
mp3 : New Order – True Dub
mp3 : New Order – Someone Like You (GD Vocotech dub)
mp3 : New Order – World (Brothers in Rhythm)
mp3 : New Order – The Perfect Kiss (12″)
mp3 : New Order – Ceremony
mp3 : New Order – Elegia (extended)